Thursday, 2 April 2015

The One Day Tour, Day 50 - Brisbane to Bribie

Poured with rain during the night.

We left Birkdale, in the south eastern suburbs of Brisbane, after lunch for a drive of eighty kms to Bribie Island. A dream run out of the city wasn't interrupted until we neared our exit to Bribie. A caravan rollover was slowing three lanes into one but as it was beyond our exit, our left turning lane was held up for only a short while. We never saw the accident but reports provide enough of a reminder of the need to remain vigilant. Hopefully, our plan to only do short hops n driving days will help in that regard.

We are located in the south east of the island at Woorim, in a friendly Top Tourist park. We had the best set up of our seven weeks on the road, with both of us just knowing what had to happen and who had to do it. Things were placed into hands, pegs and ropes set where the needed to be, clips unlocked, this done , that finished ... all rather like clockwork. Celebrating our 50th day on the road, it was a sign that we are suited for this lifestyle.

Not long after having the campsite set up, I was approached by the park management and asked to perform a gig. That's a first. They saw the signage on the van, looked up the website and made the approach. I have a few recommendations from places I've performed since we've been on the road, so despite not planning a gig here, I'll be  doing one!

We spent the evening with Barb and Murray Dennis. Sue had taught with Barb at Westdale and Murray and I had been Principals in the Tamworth district and new each other from professional meetings etc. There was much to catch up on but as you would expect when four retired chalkies sit down over food and wine, a lot of it was to do with kids and teaching. Murray had finished as a principal of Tamworth's biggest primary but had come to it "the old way", working his way up through smaller schools and isolated positions. Although I experienced it and the newer promotions system based more on what you said you could do rather than what you did, I have always been left wondering if the new wonderkinds, with their sensational CVs and great interview skills, really bring to schools the long term skills old dinosaurs like Murray and I gathered through walking the journey rather than talking it.

A highlight of the evening was a gift from Barb of a new Kombi mug. A follower of TWPS, she saw of the demise of one half of the pair and sourced us a new one!

So far we have enjoyed catching up with people from our past on this trip. Its surprising how many we have dotted about the place.

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