Sunday, 19 April 2015

TOD Tour, Day 68 - Rockhampton to Clairview

Tired tonight, so only highlights>
Sunset at Clairview

  • left Rockhampton about 8:30am;
  • morning tea at a surprisingly good little public park in the small village of Marlborough;
  • Sue drove her first leg of the tour after morning tea. A little nerve wracking for her, especially when trucks passed. She done good:
  • stopped for lunch at a really excellent roadside stop installed by the Queensland state government at Waverley Creek. The driver reviver kiosk was manned by a local scout troop and included gluten-free sausages!
  • arrived at Clairview about an hour after lunch. Lovely spot in the caravan park. The site ends and the beach starts. Very shallow off shore, so the outgoing tide just kept on going, leaving about a kilometre of shore exposed when it was at its lowest;
  • Rainbow Lorikeets screaming in the sunset whilst we drank red wine.
That's about it. Not much enthusiasm for the last few days. Nature of the beast.

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