Sunday, 5 April 2015

TOD Tour, Day 54 - The Esplanade @ Hervey Bay

Where have all the listeners gone?
A nice day.

We rode the bikes into the main wharf area at Urangan Point along a well developed bike track called the Esplanade. It extends from Point Vernon at the west end of Hervey Bay all the way along the shore to the marina which opens the town to the sea.

The long jetty which juts out into Hervey Bay at Urangan used to be twice as long as sugar and pineapples were exported and oil imported but a deeper, better port at Bundaberg - one not affected by tides - took that international traffic away.

Much of the bike track runs in shade which makes for a pleasant ride, especially on a hot day.

Once we reached the marina and stopped for cold water, we discovered a roast lunch for $12, served on a deck over-looking the marina. It was a Bob Hudson moment so we didn't let that chance go by. The ride home completed our ten kilometre journey.

I delivered a poetry reading in the caravan park which was pleasant but poorly attended. At least those there enjoyed it. They suggested that a few more months and the emergence of the Grey Nomads onto northern roads and the inclusion of  a poetry breakfast might be considerations worth mulling over. My feeling is that its time to put the readings on the back burner for a while and get back to enjoying our trip.

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