Saturday, 18 April 2015

TOD Tour, Day 67 - Rockhampton Heritage Precinct

Ibis fledglings
My heart just wasn't in it today.

Showers all day, mostly when you thought it was safe to do something. We eventually went into town and walked through the Botanic Gardens, which were opened in 1867 and from the look of it, wrecked in February 2015. As a result of Marcia, the only section of the gardens I found up to scratch was the lake and in particular, a small area in one corner which has an accompanying small island. Ibis were nesting and their young could be seen clearly in nests as mothers cared for them. The lake had hundreds of turtles. Their snouts pocked surface near the bank and I gave up counting after seventy.

In the afternoon, I reluctantly joined Sue in a walk along the the heritage precinct. Lots of old buildings, of which the Criterion Hotel was the absolute stand out stunner. Since 1889, it has had only four families own it and it is a splendid building.

I lost the cover of my umbrella as we walked, looked everywhere for half an hour and eventually found it in Sue's hand. She was using it to show people what it looked like so we could find it ... don't ask.

Not a good day. Pleased when it ended.

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