Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The One Day Tour, Day 100 - Sydney to Townsville

So here was a day.

I woke at 5:30am, in order to be ready for the taxi to the airport at 6:00am. Sue was magnificent, rising to make me some toast and a cuppa. Many wouldn't have and would have had justification as a reasonable precedent. As a result, I was finishing my check in by 6:20am, for a 7:35 flight to Brisbane and then on to Cairns ...

... except ... the 7:35 flight to Brisbane was cancelled because someone broke the plane. Oh dear. I was rescheduled for the direct flight leaving Sydney at 9:15am and therefore finding things to do for nearly three hours. There was breakfast, which boiled down to a vegan salad of pumpkin, red stuff and white commas. It tasted okay.

Sue, meanwhile, enjoyed a sleep in and some sister time with Mandy.

I eventually left Sydney and had an uneventful flight. One of those lack of events was the lack of food which provided for my diet, which I had highlighted in booking but which was lost when my flight was transferred.

Sue left Sydney later in the morning but we both arrived at our destinations - 2000kms apart - at about the same time, not long after noon.

I went straight to the Subaru dealer to pick up my now fixed car and then to the caravan park, to discover that the van had been washed in my absence. The accommodation - Cairns Holiday Park - not only looked after us well in our absence but were happy to issue a cash refund. Rare service these days. At 2:45pm, I programmed the new GPS/radio system and headed for Townsville, 350kms away.

I finally reached the home of friends Judy and Jim Parsons, around 7:00pm, tired and a little shell-shocked. Steak and conversation - two of my favourite things - were provided in thick supply, as was a comfortable bed. I cant say thank your enough or enough times. All three were exactly what I needed.

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