Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The One Day Tour, Day 99 - Setting the Scene

Returning to the tour in order to come home, we had to accept that we had to go in separate ways. In order to return our car and van back to home base, some seriously long days would have to be endured on the road and Sue's back, under normal circumstances, would not have coped. Now, post the bike fall in Townsville and the subsequent pain she has been experiencing in her back and knee, this is even more unlikely, so whilst I returned to Cairns, Sue would be flying back to Tamworth.

Thanks to the generosity of Sue's sister Mandy, we left my Dad's place at Camden and moved camps to Maroubra. This entailed two trips across Sydney for Mandy, from the eastern suburbs to the south western outskirts: one to pick up Sue as scheduled at lunch time and a second to retrieve me at 5pm when I was unable to get a taxi in Camden to pick me up and transport me the three or four kms to the bus depot!

Eventually, we were united in Maroubra and spent a few pleasant hours over meals and red wine. When the chips are down, you want family such as Mandy and Joel in your corner.

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