Thursday, 7 May 2015

The One Day Tour - On Hold For A While.

Owing to my Dad's ill health, The One Day Tour will enter a period of hiatus.

The car and van will remain in storage in Cairns.

We flew back to Tamworth from Cairns, to attend the opening night of the Tamworth Musical Society's new show at the Capitol Theatre, Company. This was always the plan. In a few days, we'll be off to Sydney for a period yet to be determined, while we help Dad sort out his health issues. My brother has been holding the fort while we've been away.

Special nod to QANTAS. When they couldn't cater for our dietary needs on the flights to Sydney, they gave us vouchers to attend and eat in the Business Class Lounge at Mascot. It made our 3:30am start a lot more tolerable.

For the time being at least, The One Day Tour will be on hold. Nothing is as important as family.

I dare say the road will still be there when we are ready to resume.

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