Friday, 17 June 2016

Changes Complete

It was always going to be a big overhaul but the changes to style and the management of stories and photos have finally been completed.

The concept has been to make it easier to find things, so whilst the tabs will take you to our major trips, you'll now find a search engine at the top of the right sidebar. Just type in what you are looking for - a place name, an event, a geographical feature - and click the search button, and if its on our website, you'll be taken right to it.

Regular visitors will notice the additional tabs which will link them to additional trips we have undertaken. For the first time ever, the first big trip we ever undertook - more than twenty years ago now - the Australia Under Canvas epic done with out three kids, is now online.

Photos have now been incorporated with posts, so that you can read a post and then click on the photos that belong to it from within the text. Just look for the Canon camera at the bottom of each post.

We hope you enjoy the changes.

We've had six months off the road but hopefully that changes within the next two weeks, when our brand new Avan Cruiseliner arrives from Melbourne. We'll road test it for a bit and make a few changes to get it just the way we want and then ... well, here's hoping!

See you down the road sometime.

Pete & Sue

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