Tuesday, 30 May 2017

AAA Tour - Day 8 - Cobar to Wilcannia

Back on the road today, along the Barrier Highway to Wilcannia. It was mostly straight road driving but for two thirds of it, we were up and down over gentle rises of between ten and twenty metres in rolling hills.

Morning tea was at a road side rest area called Lilyvale, 90 odd kms west of Cobar. Located on both sides of the road, it has a fully bitumen and wide surface, roofed tables and chairs and a long drop toilet - and all of it pretty new. We opened the lid and had a cuppa.

The following ten kms had an interesting array of roadside trees. First there was a bottle tree, then a shoe tree, an undies tree, a bra tree and several others. Odd but in a 110km/hr zone and bad road edges, I wasn't prepared to stop to more closely investigate.

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We arrived at our destination, Warrawong on the Darling and backed the van into our spot on the edge of the a huge billbong, which was once the Darling River. The venue is a fully fledged caravan park on a working farm about three kms from Wilcannia. Grass sites, brand new, state of the art amenities, power, water, camp fire and cheese and biscuits at 5:00pm each night and then there is the view. Birdies, lots of them. The camp kitchen doubles as bird hide. We'll be here for the next three days just chillin' (literally ... 15C daytime and OC at night. Air conditioner and electric blanket will manage those issues.

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