Saturday, 27 May 2017

AAAT - Tour Day 5 - Warren

Sue beside the
950 year old redgum
To tired to write much after computer problems this evening have delayed a start.

We started the day with a lovely chat with Pat in the Information Centre. Like everyone else we have met here, she was friendly.

Walked around Warren on a historic buildings tour. Most interesting. Like most country towns, they have a disastrous fire in their history which destroyed 80% of the town centre, including three hotels. Warren had their in 1899. Lots of the other building in town have been repurposed but they retain the name of their original use. For instance, the original theatre is now a ruural supplies outlet.

Towards the end of the walk we say the stump of a redgum that has been carbon dated as being 950 years old - at least it was when it fell down in 1998. It was propped back up because of its historic significance and stands overlooking a sharp bend in the Macquarie River which is called the Warren Hole and has apparently never gone dry, even in the harshest droughts. It was the swimming hole before the pool was built and also a source of the town's water supply. Lawson's hut used to be nearby: the first white residence in the area when William Lawson and Thomas Readford arrived in 1845 and established Warren Station. William was the namesake son of the cove who crossed the Blue Mountains for the first time with Blaxland and Wentworth.

We returned to the van for lunch and then I went off to watch the local side, the Warren Pumas get outclassed by the Walgett Rams. Lots of tries but lots of hard forward work too. About two hundred locals attended and had a few beers and sandwiches made by the social club. You forget sometimes how much fun footie can be until you get back to a local game in a country town.

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We finished the day with a return visit to the Tiger Bay Wetlands for a few shots at sunset and then back to the caravan park for the Saturday BBQ - salads, cooking and bonhomie courtesy of the hosts. Guest at the park gather around the barbie and tell a few yarns. Nice.

Cobar tomorrow.

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