Tuesday, 23 May 2017

AAA Tour - Day 1 - Tamworth to Warrumbungle NP

Where once rampant enthusiasm would have me jumping on the spot at the dawning thought that we left for the road, today, instead, I greeted the sun with little more that mediocre recognition it would shine through the caravan window for a while.

Somehow, I’ve lost my mojo for the road. Somehow? Well having a van written off just a kilometre from the boat to Tasmania may be part of it. Waiting six months for the replacement van may be part of it. Car accidents, ill health, responsibility for others … they have all played their part to blunt the zeal which once had me bursting for the horizon. This trip - the Away to Almost Anywhere Tour - might be the last chance to relight that fire. The first and most crucial discover will be to find the pilot light that used to always burn in me.

There is no such lacking in Sue. 

The last of the packing took about an hour. There were jobs to do downtown - fuel, library, chemist - and then a return to home to attach the rig and make sure nothing had been forgotten amidst my bland disinterest.

We traveled west across the Liverpool Plains for most of the afternoon. First south to Werris Creek and through the Gap and across to Spring Ridge and Premer. By the time we got to the cross over on the Mullaley- Coolah Rd, the weather had closed in to the point of rain. Lightning followed, strong cross winds soon after and my view of the endeavour couldn't be much better.

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We stopped in Coonabarabran to top up the fuel tank for later and then had an easy run into Warrumbungle National Park. It's an old stomping ground but a few days here might just recharge my road batteries. Cynicism has never been a welcome companion but of late, I find myself having coffee with a lot of negative reactions to otherwise positive events and toting up losses more easily than gains.

Its not my thing, blocks my creativity and reminds me of times and places I've left behind. Sunshine, fresh air, new horizons, good company and freedom from the yokes I have too readily worn.

Hmmm. A bit deep for a travel blog, isn't it?

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